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Jon served in full-time vocational ministry in a local church for more than 25 years where he had some opportunities to counsel individuals and couples before he was led in a completely new direction of ministry. Helping people work through their present and past pain in light of God's love for them has become a passionate focus of Jon's current counseling ministry. Jon's desire is to be a benefit to marriages, families, and individuals in the community by offering a professional and compassionate atmosphere in which to explore the struggles and difficulties people face in their day to day lives. Marriage Counseling, Marriage Conferences, Premarital counseling, Family Counseling, Parenting Coaching, Anxiety Counseling, Depression Counseling and many other avenues are available by referral or appointment.


Jon and his wife Stella also have a dream to create a retreat center where couples who are struggling with marital issues can come for a week in a group therapy format to work though present and past issues in the context of 2 to 4 couples each sharing their respective journey. This collaborative approach to relationship counseling provides connection and understanding that others struggle with similar issues this prompts more interactive and creative solutions to the impairments each relationship faces. Jon and Stella have faced significant challenges in their marriage as well and will have the opportunity to blend their insights about relationship struggles to the group dynamic.

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Jon A Ward, MWS, MA, LMFT

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